Blake Park: Brookline, Massachusetts
History of a Neighborhood, 1916-2005

The Houses and People of Blake Park

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8 Lowell Road

10 Lowell Road

Built (as barn):
Before 1874
Added to Blake estate:
Between 1900 and 1907
First Residents at this Address:
Carolyn Southard (see below)

10 Lowell Road is in the same house as 8 Lowell. See 8 Lowell Road for the history of the house itself and the people who lived at that address. The residents of 10 Lowell are described on this page.

As noted under 8 Lowell, various butlers and coachmen were shown in the Brookline Street List as living "off Greenough," or on "Greenough Street within," designations that seems to have been applied to the Blake stables as well as to 8-10 and 12-14 Lowell before that street was laid out. It's unclear how many of them might have been living in what is now 8-10 Lowell.

Thomas O'Connor, the Blake chauffer, and Abbie Paige, a teacher, were listed at "off Greenough" or "Greenough Street within" and then, briefly, at 10 Lowell Road before reappearing at 55 & 57 Greenough Street, a house that was moved from Lowell Road in 1921 or 1922. See 55-57 Greenough Street for more on them.

The next family listed at 10 Lowell Road was that of Carolyn Southard (1880-1966). A widow, Southard lived with her daughter Margaret, a secretary/stenographer, and son Keith, a student. (In 1944, the last year the Southards were listed, Keith was in the Coast Guard.)

Next to live at this address were Samuel and Rebecky Wernick. Both of the Wernciks were born in Russia and came to the U.S. in 1913. Samuel was an antiques dealer. They had two sons, the older of whom was in the army when they moved to Lowell Road.

Note: For the residents of the other half of this house, see 8 Lowell Road.