Blake Park: Brookline, Massachusetts
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34 Somerset Road

Year Built:
Permit Date:
S.J. Rantin
William H. Flaherty
Cost to Build:
(On Permit Date):
William H. Flaherty, 83 Pleasant Street
First Residents:
William H. & Georgia C. Flaherty

The Flaherty family, the first residents of 34 Somerset Road, lived her for more than 40 years. William and Georgia Flaherty were first listed here in the street list in 1931, and the house continued to be listed under their family until the early 1970s.

Wlliam Flaherty (born 1880) was an electrician. (He was also listed at various times as a mechanic and as a distributor.) Georgia Flaherty (born c1881) died in 1971. No further information is available about the family.